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Scarred heart, cover by ClaraFlos Scarred heart, cover by ClaraFlos
I am doing a comic about my oc! I will have a folder of them so you can just scroll. My submissions will be more often now that I have something to work on. Spread da word. Or don’t. AND BEST OF ALL! My oc fits perfectly into the actual warriors universe. I REALLY wanted to fit her in. I took MONTHS to figure out how to fit her in without disrupting anything or making her age REALLY old. So this story will start after the first arch, where Firestars quest begins. I made this so she is currently the same age as Squirrelflight, a bit older, only by a season or two. I almost made her story take place during tallstarrs revenge. But then she would be TOO old. Firestars quest is a good place to start your ocs life if you want to fit it in the warriors timeline. You are not informed about what happens to the other clans while Firestars gone, so you can mess around a bit with the clans a bit, just not too much. And this makes your oc a nice youngish adult age. And also, if you want to kill off a real cat, some of the cats have uncertain deaths that happen between to two archs. Just a tip;). I don’t like this art, but it’s the best I could do, so. I am starting to drone on. I will be done.

I don’t own warriors, only my oc
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